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January 2021 Truck Industry News

The latest industry news for your business.

COVID-19 Disrupts Regular Preventative Maintenance Intervals


Some companies experienced slowed, or even halted business due to the pandemic, while others who were deemed essential service providers, experienced the opposite. Regardless of a slowdown or increase to an organizations business, the preventative maintenance intervals were affected for their vehicles.

The increased business for many essential services equated to an increase in mileage and hours of service on their fleet vehicles and trucks. These companies likely saw an increase in frequency for their need for maintenance service. However, the impact of the pandemic on the industry has caused increasing maintenance costs to continue to rise as OEMs struggle with their repair parts production, labor shortages are on the rise.

Businesses and drivers were challenged to adjust their maintenance schedules and routines as their demand schedules changed, repair shops once frequented shuttered.

Experts agree that companies should be prepared for potentially longer downtime periods as small business repair facilities work to keep their employees safe. 


Enterprise Truck Rental Solutions:

At Enterprise, we understand that having well-maintained equipment leads to your company being able to keep your business moving forward. With these unpredictable times, should your company's truck need extended time in a repair facility, Enterprise Truck Rental has nearby branches with available vehicle for rent. Contact one of our over 360 branches nationwide to learn how we can help your company and your drivers improve productivity. 

Article Source: www.automotive-fleet.com



Several Industries Fuel Demand for Used Medium-Duty Trucks


In recent months, many truck dealers and providers have shared that they have seen an uptick in demand for medium-duty and commercially equipped trucks. The pressure on manufacturers to produce models faster made it difficult for OEMs to keep up with demand.

Construction and Distribution sectors of the economy, industries that rely heavily on truck classes 1-7 are largely responsible for the demand pressure. Last-Mile delivery companies and distribution chains are dealing with incredible surges from online shopping.

Experts have noted the following trends:

  • September used pickup truck prices were up 25% year-over-year
  • Online shopping for used truck models has been made easier with COVID
  • Class 6/7 used medium-duty trucks expected to remain competitive
  • Reduction in the number of trade-in trucks at the point of purchase

Enterprise Truck Rental Solutions:

We sell our trucks, too. Enterprise has inventory nationwide of well-maintained rental trucks that are for sale. As businesses search for ways to say yes to more jobs, consider looking at our selection of commercially equipped chastised, trucks and vans.  Visit enterprisetrucksales.com to learn more. 

Article Source: https://www.worktruckonline.com/


Search Our Nationwide Stock of Well-Maintained Commercial Vehicles for Sale


As a mobility and transportation expert, we understand that your business needs may require you to buy a truck. Enterprise has nationwide inventory of late-model well-maintained, commercial vehicles to fit your needs. 
Search our inventory by the truck classes we offer: 

Enterprise Solution:

Enterprise has inventory across the country of our used, well-maintained commercially equipped vehicles. If you're in the market for a used commercial vehicle and want to speak to our Sales Staff about finding the right one to fit your needs, call us at 1 877 4-trk-sales (1-877-487-5725) or Contact Us.


Companies Report Challenges with Hours of Service Survey


A recent JJ Keller survey of companies who operate commercial vehicles showed that many are being challenged with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate.

Many short-haul companies are exempt from aspects of the ELD mandate, but are not exempt from Hours of Service compliance, which is another area of challenge.

The survey provided insight into four key areas: 

  1. The requirements for log-keeping and how drivers are complying
  2. Distinguishing between non-compliant hours by means of personal moves
  3. Understanding how and when the Hours of Service rules apply to vehicles and drivers
  4. Centrally storing and process for aggregating official documentation records

Article Source: www.transportdrive.com


12 Reasons for Lost Fleet Manager Productivity

Safety Check

Fleet owners and operators are finding that their operations have changed over night and there is expectation to keep up with demand, potentially reduced budgets and personnel. Navigated the unpredictable nature of today’s world. Work Truck Online worked with several industry experts to identify 12 of the top reasons for lost productivity.

  1. Workflow and process inefficiencies with daily work
  2. Data management and source consistency
  3. Inefficient management of data
  4. Not tracking or reporting key fleet metrics
  5. Day to day has too many projects
  6. Limited access to quality data
  7. Unaware of fleet support resources
  8. Driver routing and scheduling efficiencies
  9. In-house fleet services management
  10. Lack of fleet and driver policies
  11. Too much time spent on administrative tasks
  12. Manager distractions within the day-to-day job


Enterprise Truck Rental Solutions:

Enterprise Telematics powered by Geotab is available for all our rental vehicles and to any company looking to onboard telematics for their trucks. Enterprise offers three tiered programs that comply with the ELD Mandate, or can be used by companies who want to find ways to run their fleets smarter, safer and more efficiently. Visit our Telematics Page  to learn more about our program, or ask your local truck rental representative when you rent.   

Article Source: www.ccjdigital.com


Enterprise Holdings Teams Up with Clorox® Extending its Complete Clean Pledge; Effort to Offer Industry-First in Car Rental Cleaning Practices and Customer Control 


ST. LOUIS (Nov. 19, 2020) – Enterprise Holdings today announced a new initiative with Clorox®, one of the most trusted brands in cleaning, to implement near- and long-term enhancements to its cleaning procedures. The collaboration reinforces the company’s Complete Clean Pledge to help customers feel confident as they begin to travel again.

To kick off the initiative, Enterprise Holdings will begin providing a one-count Clorox Disinfecting Wipe in every vehicle rented through its brands – Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent-A-Car. The distribution of the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes marks an industry-first in car rental. The effort is rolling out throughout the southeast United States in November. After the first of the year, it will expand to locations throughout the rest of the U.S. and Canada, as well as to the Enterprise Truck Rental and Enterprise Car Sales businesses.

“This is a simple but first-of-its-kind effort in the car rental industry, and it’s our way of increasing customers’ peace of mind,” said Will Withington, Senior Vice President of North American Operations for Enterprise Holdings. “We heard this loud and clear from car rental customers – they want more personal cleaning control, in addition to our already rigorous cleaning and sanitizing procedures that follow each rental. In fact, nearly 80% of those we surveyed said they would feel most comfortable renting if they were to receive a disinfecting wipe to wipe down high-touch areas themselves.”

Since introducing its Complete Clean Pledge in May, Enterprise Holdings and its three car rental brands have continuously worked to advance the health and safety practices throughout their operations.

“That’s why we are proud to provide an additional layer of customer control and peace of mind on top of our Complete Clean Pledge with the trusted cleaning and disinfecting expertise of Clorox,” added Withington.

The Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are approved by the EPA to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, when used as directed. Each wipe includes directions for use and is accompanied by instructions to use it on the vehicle’s high-touch, hard nonporous surfaces.

Innovations, Enhancement and Products

By bringing together two strong brands working to benefit customer health and safety, Enterprise and Clorox’s collaborative efforts will improve consumer confidence across North America for years to come.

“As the world continues to confront the global COVID-19 pandemic, disinfectants play an important role in and out of the home. Helping to restore confidence in essential travel is an important step in our recovery as a society,” said Heath Rigsby, Vice President of Out of Home at The Clorox Company. “Our program with Enterprise, a company committed to the highest standards of cleanliness, allows us to continue supporting businesses as they serve their customers in a responsible way.”

In addition to the one-count wipes, Enterprise is teaming up with Clorox to look at ways to incorporate other products into its safety and car cleaning practices and test new technologies throughout its rental operations over the long term.

“We want customers to know we are working closely with trusted experts and always reviewing our cleaning standards and protocols – and that their safety is our highest priority as they begin to travel, now and in the future,” Withington said.

Enterprise Holdings’ Complete Clean Pledge – A Long-Term Commitment to Well-being and Safety

Enterprise Holdings’ Complete Clean Pledge is a long-term commitment to industry-leading health and safety practices throughout all of its operations.

  • Vehicles: Enterprise Holdings’ vehicles are thoroughly cleaned between every rental and backed with an in-vehicle Complete Clean Pledge notification. This includes washing, vacuuming, general wiping down and sanitizing with a disinfectant that meets leading health authority requirements, with particular attention to more than 20 high-touch points. Enterprise also is making a significant investment throughout its global operations to upgrade cleaning and car wash facilities. This includes everything from enhanced industrial vacuuming and cleaning equipment to lighting and more.
  • Branches: Employees frequently sanitize touchable surfaces with disinfectant throughout the day in branch locations, including counter tops, phones, tablet devices, payment devices and door handles, among other high-touch areas. The company also has accelerated efforts to invest in and improve the rental experience, including implementing permanent low- and no-touch rental options such as advanced check-in at Enterprise’s neighborhood locations and enhanced curbside and delivery processes. This echoes National’s Emerald Club experience, where members enjoy a virtually no-touch process and bypass the counter to reserve and choose a car from the Emerald Aisle, check out and go.
  • Shuttles: High-touch areas of Enterprise Holdings’ shuttles are cleaned and sanitized with a disinfectant frequently and between trips. Social distancing protocols are implemented as passengers board, ride and depart, and the number of passengers on each bus are limited.
  • Employees and Customers: Employees working in branch locations follow the best practices recommended by health authorities to help protect and reduce risk. This includes requiring employees and customers to wear face coverings inside locations, limiting numbers of employees and customers in branches, and using social distancing inside and outside of locations. Plexiglass and counter shields also have been installed at branch locations.

For more information about Enterprise Holdings Complete Clean Pledge and its new program with Clorox, click here.