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Browse the list below to find answers to the most common questions about truck and van rental. Click the question to reveal the answer. If you do not find the information you are looking for, you can locate our contact information at the bottom of this page.

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Roadside Assistance - How can I contact Roadside Assistance?

Our roadside assistance network helps to ensure that wherever you are, on-the-spot service is always available to maximize uptime and minimize downtime. If needing assistance dial 1-888-736-8287, option 3.



What are the Driver’s License requirements for renting trucks or vans in the U.S. or Canada with Enterprise Truck Rental?

We rent light and medium-duty vehicles that do not require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) (unless the driver’s usage would require such). Customers who reside in the U.S., U.S. Territories, or Canada must present a valid, unexpired government-issued Driver’s license which includes a photograph of the customer. Digital licenses are not accepted. The driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period. Rental branches will not accept photocopies of Driver’s License, “learner’s permits,” and any license which, on its face, restricts the license to the use and operation of a vehicle with a form of a breathalyzer apparatus. Non-US or Non-Canadian Drivers Licenses or Drivers Permits are not accepted at North American Truck Rental locations. For more information about Driver’s Licenses contact your local rental branch.

What information do I need to provide to rent a truck or van from Enterprise Truck Rental?

Renters need a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and need to satisfy age and all of our normal rental qualifications and requirements. To learn more call us at 1 888 rent-a-truck (888-736-8287).

Does Enterprise Truck Rental rent CDL trucks or tractors?

Enterprise Truck Rental rents light and medium-duty vehicles trucks, vans, and pickup trucks that do not require a commercial driver's license. Please check with your state or province for any specific license requirements.



One Way Rentals - Can I pick up a rental truck or van at one location and return it to a different location?

With limited exceptions, one-way truck or van rentals aren't permitted and rental vehicles must be returned to the original location from where they were rented. For information about returning a vehicle to a different Enterprise Truck Rental location within the same metropolitan area, ask your rental agent or call us at 1 888 rent-a-truck (888-736-8287).

Am I able to tow with an Enterprise Truck Rental?

Towing is available on 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickup trucks in accordance with manufacturer specifications. An additional towing charge may apply. To book or for more information, contact your local rental branch for more details.

Towing is available on 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickup trucks in accordance with manufacturer specifications. An additional towing charge may apply. To book or for more information, contact your local rental branch for more details.

How far in advance do I need to reserve a truck rental?

Enterprise Truck Rental requires no advance reservation. We can respond quickly to your last-minute requests. However, like anything else, the more advance notice you can give, the better. No matter when you call your local office you will get the same great rental truck or van and the same great service.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

It is easy to change or cancel a reservation on EnterpriseTrucks.com. On the homepage, below the reservation details box, click “View/Modify/Cancel Reservation.” You will need the renter's first and last name and the reservation number. If you have trouble with that information, please contact your local branch or for assistance, call us at 1 888 rent-a-truck (888-736-8287).



How can I make a reservation for a commercial truck or van for my business?

If you have an existing account set up with Enterprise Truck Rental for your business, you may continue to reserve vehicles as you normally would, either online at enterprisetrucks.com or by calling the local rental branch (you will be asked to enter your Account PIN Code). If you are new to Enterprise Truck Rental and do not have an account number, you may make a reservation online at enterprisetrucks.com, and select “Business Use” as the rental purpose. 

To apply for a business account to get negotiated rates when you rent for commercial purposes, contact your local branch.

I lost my new Enterprise Account Number and/or PIN Code, how can I recover them?

To recover your account number, billing account number or PIN Code, contact your local account representative or your local rental branch. You will be required to verify your affiliation with that company. 

Where can I learn more about Total Transportation and Mobility Solutions for my business provided by Enterprise?

You can get more information on all the mobility solutions and services provided by Enterprise online at Enterprise.com. If you have specific questions or need immediate support for your business, please contact your local truck rental branch.

Can I buy a used truck from Enterprise Truck Rental?

You certainly can. We sell our used trucks and vans too! Click the Buy a Truck link to learn more and browse our inventory. For more information contact your local Enterprise Truck Rental representative at 1-877-4 trk-sales (877-487-5725).



Does Enterprise Truck Rental rent to consumers who need to move their home or apartment furnishings?

Yes, Enterprise offers pickup trucks, vans, and box truck consumer rentals for household moves, projects, or other bulky cargo transport needs. For a list of helpful resources to help you move, visit our Resources Page.

In what cities does Enterprise Truck Rental operate?

Enterprise Truck Rental operates in many major cities with over 500 locations, and continues to expand into new markets across North America. Click our Locations link to search for a branch near you.

How is Enterprise Truck Rental affiliated with Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

Enterprise Truck Rental is the truck and van rental department of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand. You'll get the same award-winning Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service, enhanced with professionals knowledgeable in the commercial truck rental industry.

How do I get more information about an Enterprise truck rental?

Review our website to learn more about our vehicleslocations, and protection products and service. If you still have questions, call 1-888-rent-a-truck (888-736-8287). An Enterprise Truck Rental representative will be glad to provide you with any additional information you might need.

Can I earn or redeem Enterprise Plus® points for my rental?

At this time, renters are not able to earn or redeem Enterprise Plus® points with Enterprise Truck Rental reservations.

How do I extend my rental?

If you need to extend your vehicle rental, at your earliest convenience, please contact your local branch to discuss your extension needs.

What do I need to do if I left a valuable in the rental vehicle? 

As soon as you discover that you have left a valuable or belonging in your rental vehicle, please contact the rental branch. You will need a description of the item you left behind along with details about which vehicle you rented and the date you returned it.

Do Enterprise Truck Rental locations offer pick up service?

Some of our locations offer free pickup service (geographic restrictions apply). Contact your local branch for details.

How can I get the copy of my receipt?

To get a copy of your receipt for a previous rental, click here

Receipts can also be found via the "Find a receipt" link in the footer.  If you are unable to locate your receipt online, please contact the office that you rented the vehicle from and they can assist you.

What is Enterprise Mobility's safety recall policy?

Policy: The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act requires auto manufacturers to send a notice of any safety recall to vehicle owners. When Enterprise Holdings receives such a safety recall notice and the corresponding Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), it is Enterprise Holding’s policy to not rent such vehicles until the manufacturer’s specified remedy or authorized interim repair has been implemented.

Process: After receiving the safety recall notice, Enterprise Holdings identifies affected vehicles by VIN and then places a “mandatory hold” on them in our rental management system. This “hold” directs the recall work be completed before renting the vehicle. Sometimes manufacturers advise that certain recalled vehicles can be safely operated once an authorized interim repair has been completed. In such cases, Enterprise Holdings may rent vehicles after the interim repair has been completed – but only until the final remedy is available.

If you were unable to find the answers to your questions, please visit our Contact Us page for further assistance.