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Truck Rental FAQs

Browse the list below to find answers to the most common questions. Click the question to reveal the answer. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please call 1-888-736-8287 or e-mail

What do I need to Rent a truck or van from Enterprise Truck Rental?

Renters need a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and need to satisfy age and all of our normal rental qualifications and requirements. To learn more call us at 1 888 rent-a-truck (888-736-8287).

Does Enterprise Truck Rental rent CDL trucks or tractors?


Enterprise Truck Rental rents light and medium-duty vehicles trucks, vans and pickup trucks that do not require a commercial driver's license. Please check with your state for any specific license requirements.


Does Enterprise Truck Rental rent to consumers who need to move their home or apartment furnishings?

Yes, Enterprise offers pick-up trucks, vans and box trucks to consumers for household moves or other household projects. To learn more or make a reservation, call us at 1 888 rent-a-truck (888-736-8287).

One Way Rentals – Can I pick up a rental truck or van at one location and return it to a different location?

With limited exceptions, rental vehicles must be returned to the original location from where they were rented. For information about returning a vehicle to a different location within the same metropolitan area, ask your rental agent or call us at 1 888 rent-a-truck (888-736-8287).

How far in advance do I need to reserve a truck rental?

Enterprise Truck Rental requires no advance reservation. We can respond quickly to your last minute requests. However, like anything else, the more advance notice you can give, the better. No matter when you call your local office or 1 888 rent-a-truck (888-736-8287), you will get the same great rental truck or van and the same great service.

In what cities does Enterprise Truck Rental operate?

Enterprise Truck Rental operates in most major markets and continues to expand into new markets across the US. Click our Locations link to search for a branch near you or call 1 888 rent-a-truck (888-736-8287) for more information.

How is Enterprise Truck Rental affiliated with Enterprise Rent-A-Car?

Enterprise Truck Rental is the commercial truck rental division of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. You'll get the same award-winning Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service, enhanced with professionals knowledgeable in the commercial truck rental industry.

Can I buy a used truck from Enterprise Truck Rental?

You certainly can. We sell our used trucks and vans too! Click the Buy a Truck link to learn more and browse our inventory. For more information contact your local Enterprise Truck Rental representative at 877 4 trk-sales (877-487-5725).

How do I get more information about an Enterprise truck rental?

Call 1 888 rent-a-truck (888-736-8287). An Enterprise Truck Rental representative will be glad to provide you with any additional information you might need.

Am I able to tow with an Enterprise Truck Rental?

Towing is available on 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickup trucks at most locations.  An additional towing charge may apply.  Contact your local rental branch for more details.