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July 2021 Truck Industry News

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5 Ways ELD Data Can Transform Your Business

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An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) program can be useful to your company and operation. The data available to you and your drivers through ELD not only helps you stay compliant with regulations but can be used to make efficiency improvements. 

  1. Track idling and reduce fuel costs – The data can be used to monitor idle time per vehicle. The data can help you inform drivers of their behavior to improve up-time and behind-the-wheel efficiencies. 
  2. Track driver behavior to improve safety – ELD devices can provide data like harsh braking, acceleration, and seatbelt usage which can be used to create driver scorecards. Data-based driver behavior metrics can be helpful to improve safety of your fleet. 
  3. Analyze your fleet data to improve operational efficiency – ELDs track a wide variety of data from mileage to GPS location to acceleration and braking. An analysis of the data in your fleet can help you find ways to improve your operation.
  4. Automated fuel tax reporting - ELD devices can help you spot trends with fuel consumption and purchase data. 
  5. Track diagnostic data - Improving your fleet uptime can be as simple as not missing preventative maintenance intervals or ignoring dashboard warning lights. An ELD program can help alert fleet managers to upcoming maintenance needs. 

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Enterprise Truck Rental Solutions:

Enterprise Telematics powered by Geotab is available for all our rental vehicles and to any company looking to onboard telematics for their trucks. Enterprise offers three-tiered programs that comply with the ELD Mandate or can be used by companies who want to find ways to run their fleets smarter, safer, and more efficiently. Visit our Telematics Page to learn more about our program, or ask your local truck rental representative when you rent.    

Top Ways to See Final-Mile Delivery Success

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Last-mile delivery was a growing segment, even before the pandemic. There are opportunities for a wide variety of drivers and companies looking to get into the division. The industry needs rapid and timely delivery of goods to residential and commercial areas by quality, safety-conscious drivers. 

Final-mile companies are finding ways to drive success in their organization. 

  • Evaluate driver and operational pain points
  • Driver management and hiring is a priority
  • Driver experience with equipment, time schedules and routes
  • Review & reward process for drivers
  • Ongoing driver training and education

The Enterprise Difference

If your company is waiting for new vehicles to arrive to add to your fleet, or your company is experiencing high demand and has a need to add commercial trucks or vans to your fleet today, contact Enterprise Truck Rental to fill those needs. Whether you need a truck for a week, a month, or longer, our local Enterprise Truck Rental experts can customize a solution for your business.

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Search Our Nationwide Stock of Well-Maintained Commercial Vehicles for Sale


As a mobility and transportation expert, we understand that your business needs may require you to buy a truck. Enterprise has nationwide inventory of late-model well-maintained, commercial vehicles to fit your needs. 
Search our inventory by the truck classes we offer: 

Enterprise Solution:

Enterprise has inventory across the country of our used, well-maintained commercially equipped vehicles. If you're in the market for a used commercial vehicle and want to speak to our Sales Staff about finding the right one to fit your needs, call us at 1 877 4-trk-sales (1-877-487-5725) or Contact Us.


Enterprise Telematics - Improve Productivity with Real-Time Data

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The Enterprise Difference

Enterprise offers companies a telematics program with powerful, real-time fleet data.

Geotab’s telematics program allows your company to drive productivity with real-time technology. Helping companies use data to reduce cost, comply with the Federal ELD mandate, and use the information important to them to improve safety, connectivity and productivity.

Learn more about Enterprise Telematics


Tips to Servicing Final-Mile Delivery Trucks and Vans


Given the high demand for final-mile delivery services, vehicles are on the road all day, every day. With strenuous schedules, it can be difficult to balance the up time with the downtime for maintenance. 

Fleet managers need to prioritize preventative maintenance on their vehicles. 

  • Stay on top of mileage and maintenance intervals 
  • Understand your fleet's top maintenance issues and make a plan to prevent them
  • Train drivers to do basic inspections of the vehicle before beginning the day's route

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