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October 2021 Truck Industry News

The latest industry news for your business.

Ways the Rise of Home Delivery Needs is Making an Impact


The pandemic has taken the rising interest in the home delivery market from steady growth to an exponential trajectory.

According to Omnitracs, 47% of consumers had groceries, beverages, or other products delivered for the first time. Many industry experts say that this isn’t just a temporary increase and that the market had been pointing this way for a long time, it was simply accelerated by the onset of the pandemic. At the basic level, many consumers appreciate and enjoy the convenience of delivery service.

New Delivery Trends

  • Shipment visibility – with the help of GPS telematics tracking, companies are able to more exactly predict the delivery of shipments to consumer’s front doors
  •  Temperature monitoring – many companies were able to use temperature sensors to monitor shipment temperatures of goods more closely in transit.

Impact on Trucking

  • Adjustment of business plans – companies have been working with the increased delivery demand to improve communication, transparency, and route optimization
  • Combating poor driver behavior – with added pressure to on-time delivery, companies need to ensure a strong focus on safe behind-the-wheel practices are observed and upheld.
  • Driver shortage – Companies are working to provide drivers with safe and stable working conditions. Ensuring hours of service are monitored.
  • Vehicle maintenance – enable a system that allows vehicles to be brought in for service on-time. If schedules are tight, work to provide drivers with alternative transportation, like a rental vehicle to fulfill the need while service is being performed. 


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Enterprise Truck Rental Solutions:

Enterprise Telematics powered by Geotab is available for all our rental vehicles and to any company looking to onboard telematics for their trucks. Enterprise offers three-tiered programs that comply with the ELD Mandate or can be used by companies who want to find ways to run their fleets smarter, safer, and more efficiently. Visit our Telematics Page to learn more about our program, or ask your local truck rental representative when you rent.    

Top Benefits of Building a Company Safety Culture


Company culture of safety is not a new concept for organizations, but there’s a lot of attention on the efforts surrounding the topic. Companies who prioritize their attitudes, objectives, policies, and procedures supporting the entire operation around safety are thought to have a culture of safety.

The practices are executed from the chief officer level all the way to the front-line workers and drivers.

Reasons to move to a Safety Culture

  • Proven safety culture adoption can highlight your company’s proven history and mitigate risk for any vulnerabilities – longstanding safety practices provide history, anything implemented after an accident is reactionary.
  • Build up of driver violations, citations – evidence that safety may not be top of mind for employees and can lead to D.O.T. audits.
  • Driver retention may suffer because of not taking safety seriously. 

The Enterprise Difference

If your company is waiting for new vehicles to arrive to add to your fleet, or your company is experiencing high demand and has a need to add commercial trucks or vans to your fleet today, contact Enterprise Truck Rental to fill those needs. Whether you need a truck for a week, a month, or longer, our local Enterprise Truck Rental experts can customize a solution for your business.

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Search Our Nationwide Stock of Well-Maintained Commercial Vehicles for Sale

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As a mobility and transportation expert, we understand that your business needs may require you to buy a truck. Enterprise has nationwide inventory of late-model well-maintained, commercial vehicles to fit your needs. 
Search our inventory by the truck classes we offer: 

Enterprise Solution:

Enterprise has inventory across the country of our used, well-maintained commercially equipped vehicles. If you're in the market for a used commercial vehicle and want to speak to our Sales Staff about finding the right one to fit your needs, call us at 1 877 4-trk-sales (1-877-487-5725) or Contact Us.


New to the Area, but not to Truck Rental. 

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Enterprise Truck Rental is opening new locations across the U.S. 

Here are a few of our newest branches - our local, dedicated Enterprise Truck Rental employees are ready to help your business with a custom rental program.

Already have a rental program with Enterprise? We're glad to be your new neighbor with a truck. Select your branch below or choose from our hundreds of other locations to begin renting today! 

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5 Things to Know About FMCSA Offsite Audits Impacting your Company


"One of the primary ways the FMCSA enforces its highway safety regulations is through compliance reviews. These historically have been on-site audits of a motor carrier’s records, including those pertaining to insurance, driver qualification, hours-of-service, drug/alcohol testing, and more. Depending on the size of the carrier, these audits could last weeks on end and frequently result in the issuance of one of three safety ratings: satisfactory, conditional, or unsatisfactory.

As federal agencies go, the FMCSA is a relatively small one, so getting out to physically audit any significant number of motor carriers each year has always been a struggle. This has led the agency to develop systems and processes — namely its Compliance, Safety, Accountability or CSA, program — to prioritize carriers for enforcement based primarily on their roadside inspection performance. Carriers with a higher frequency of roadside violations than their peers are more likely to be targeted for an audit."

  1. The FMCSA is increasing Offsite Audits
  2. More Audits mean more Safety Determinations
  3. Don’t get lured into a false sense of security with Offsite Audits
  4. Electronic record-keeping gives carriers a big advantage
  5. It’s time to prepare


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Blog: Empowering Drivers and Reducing Risky Behavior


With your operation, you have options to enhance how you empower drivers and simultaneously track and educate them on their risky behavior. 

Telematics helps companies do that. 

In today's world, drivers are likely busier than ever before - and have increasingly more distractions while behind the wheel. This may be contributing to risky behavior or unsafe practices while operating the vehicle. 

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