15 Foot Parcel Van Rental - Business Use - Enterprise Truck Rental

15 Foot Parcel Van

    • Auto transmission
    • Power steering
    • Air conditioning
    • AM/FM radio

Up to 5,000 lbs. payload*


Step bumper - Facilitates easy entry and exit.


Pullout ramp available - For convenient and easy loading.


Cab/cargo access door - No need to exit the vehicle to retrieve items from the cargo area.


Rear roll-up door - Allows for easy access to your cargo.


Wood tie-slats - Allows you to secure cargo and helps prevent shifting during transport.


Air conditioning - For the comfort of those in the cab.


Automatic transmission - Provides power and fuel economy and makes driving our trucks easier.


Power steering/power brakes - For easy maneuverability.


AM/FM radio - Enjoy the ride with your favorite radio stations.


*Actual cubic feet and payload may vary by year, make, model and location.