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Moving Supplies Checklist: What you need for the last mile.

It can be easy to forget of things that aren’t top of mind for the final stretch. Enterprise Truck Rental offers a range of moving supplies for rent and sale. Check out our selection below.

Availability may vary by location. Contact your local branch to learn more.

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Moving Blankets, Pads, and Hand Truck

Provides the right amount of padding and wrapping to prevent dents, scratches and scuffs on furniture and appliances.

Our two-wheel hand trucks and four-wheel dollies provides a safe solution to moving bulk and larger items without injury.

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Tape, Stretch Wraps and More

At some Enterprise Truck Rental locations, we offer additional supplies such as packing tape, tape dispensers, and stretch wrap.

Also, we carry gloves, back braces, box cutters, and markers to make your projects that much easier. Check with your local branch for availability.

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Cargo Straps

Secure cargo like a pro with our ratchet straps. Whether you’re transporting a few items in a pickup truck or trying to prevent cargo from shifting in a van or box truck, we’ve got you covered.

Our ratchet straps act as a fastener to hold cargo in place during transit.


Packing and Cargo Strap Tips

Packing can be exhausting, even for the most organized person. Here are some of our tips to make your move day less stressful:

  • Create a list of moving supplies – moving boxes, moving pads, wrapping, tape, ratchet straps, etc.
  • Make an inventory list of everything being moved
  • Sort your items – donations, keep or discard, essentials (items you will need quick access to such as important documents, clothes, and toiletries
  • Pack one room at a time
  • As you pack, place boxes by the door to save time on move day
  • Label each box

Need help on how to use cargo straps properly? Here are a few easy steps to follow:

  • Make sure the straps are threaded, but are loose as you will add more pressure later
  • Next, raise and lower the handle for the strap to wind itself and lock in place
  • Lastly, release the straps by pulling and holding the release tab – this will keep the strap from sliding

Are you all set?